Lulu (Hian-Fui Lim)

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Crass Goods

Lulu (Hian-Fui Lim)


Published by Lulu (Hian-Fui Lim)

Crass Goods i (crass)
14.6 x 50 cm, 12 pages, color, softcover

Crass Goods i (goods)
6.5 x 11 cm, 144 pages (113 photographed objects, 5 illustrations, Exposed Smyth-Sewn Hardcover

Crass Goods i is a two-part publication, a vibrating diversion, a mad passion and a way of not taking any important thing too seriously and taking some trivial matters much too seriously.

There are many things we are obsessed with. In the first issue, we documented the renovation of a 48-year-old 4-story Taiwanese house (my late grandparents’ house).

The documentation consists of two parts, ‘Crass’ and ‘Goods’. The ‘Crass’ part is a long newspaper-like print of size 14.6 x 50 cm. It contains construction comics documented during the renovation. The ‘Goods’ part is a tiny book of size 6.5 x 11 cm. It is a catalog-like edition of over 100 household goods found in a 48-year-old, 4-story Taiwanese house.