Freak Lomme, Florian Schneider,  Koert van Mensvoort , Koen Vermeir 

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Design Mass

Freak Lomme, Florian Schneider,  Koert van Mensvoort , Koen Vermeir 


Published by Onomatopee
Printed by New Goff 

Ghent, Belgium

18 x 10.9 cm, 112 pages, color, offset, glue bound, softcover 

Reviewing the promise of technological determinism.

What fulfils our world? Technology? Aesthetics? The industry rushes forth, developing new technologies that we are accordingly expected to acquire. Designers make these nice, as even iPod’s are gentle to our senses. Despite all of this: what do we really need? Beauty… technological extensions of our body… what do we need?

Onomatopee invited three theoreticians to reconsider these questions. In the context of the Dutch Design Week, they will use the Onomatopee project space as their study. In here, they and the visitors brainstormed and developed ideas on these topics.

These topics were also addressed publicly, live and physically attended by the theoreticians at the Van Abbemuseum, executed through a Skype chat that was also accessible to visitors and simultaneously beamed on the museum wall. This chat is also included in this publication. A silent and shared sphere of temptation is the result: a Design Mass.