Gahee Park, Haeok Shin and Miji Lee (Editors)

500 THB



Gathering Flowers #1 False Starwort
Gahee Park, Haeok Shin and Miji Lee (Editors)

English / Korean

Published by Hwawon 
Printed by Munsung Printing 

Seoul, South Korea

18 x 11 cm, 150 pages, b/w, offset, glue bound, softcover 

Gathering Flowers is a project that features the process of designer Shin Hae-ok’s interest and attitude leading to the way of design with various collaborators. The title of the project borrowed from “anthologia,” the etymology of the collection of publications and collections of various writings, focusing on a specific topic, metaphorically reflects the approach and attitude of the project to view designers as workers and authors. As a worker, designers carefully observe and collect objects and phenomena, and build structures according to the editing process of connecting and placing them in visual language. In addition, as an author with visual thinking, he produces new meanings and experiences through visual objects. This project focuses on this performance practice of design.

The project is transformed into a relationship with collaborators who interpret the words, thoughts, and images collected by designer Shin Hae-ok, using a collection of words and images, “individual flowers,” and develops by intersecting different thoughts and structures. Therefore, rather than being mediators who convert words and thoughts that have already been collected into other media such as the body and space, they become producers of “collecting flowers” that create new relationships and meanings by interpreting “individual flowers” and unraveling them in their own way.