Gabrielle Kennedy (Editor)

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IN/Search RE/Search: Imagining Scenarios Through Art and Design
Gabrielle Kennedy (Editor)


Published by Valiz
Amsterdam, Netherlands

21.5 x 11.5 cm, 420 pages, color, offset, perfect bound, softcover 

IN/Search RE/Search offers a unique insight into the wide range of appearances of the intersection between art, design and research. The book is organized into twelve substantive chapters such as; The Anthropocene Epoch; The Climate Crisis; The Coexerced Existence, The Limitations of Language; Facts and Fictions; The Fragile Human. These themes are analysed through art and design projects. The projects are further contextualised by journalistic explorations and academic reflections on similar matters, grappled by varied research outlooks.

By bringing together various practices (arts, design and writing practices and academic research), IN/Search RE/Searchshows how artistic research processes are designed and performed. The kaleidoscopic convergence of the featured approaches promises an exciting shift in thinking about how knowledge within the arts comes about, and how this knowledge nurtures daily practice, and vice versa. In this way, this publication discloses methods of thinking and working through which a new generation of artists/designers/researchers is shaping scenarios for the near future.