1,550 THB




English / Chinese

Published by ZHUTOR

20 x 15 cm, 206 pages, color, softcover

Edition of 100

“At the end of 2020, I traveled around the island, a trip that I categorized as a boring trip. Looking back at the adjustment of my mindset at that time, I was already in a state where I wasn’t as confused and anxious about life as usual, and everything seemed to be fine, so as long as I continued, as long as I kept it up, I was happy with my ordinary and uninteresting life, and maybe that’s how it would go on forever.


Now, a year and a half later, I still have an unknown obsession with this trip, and it seems that if I don’t put it into a book, I won’t be able to continue photographing it, which is why this video book was created. The process of making this book reminds me of the days after that, when there was an epidemic outbreak and my life was at its lowest point, when I was working as a delivery boy. I was on the road, only one trip was in search of beauty, and the other one was in search of life. Maybe both of these things are what I’ve been searching for deep down inside, but I don’t know it at the moment, I’m always in a fog at the moment. I just like to look at the existence of these people who don’t have anything to do with anything, who are both small and great, and the world and these people don’t have anything to show me, they just keep on going, and that’s the most beautiful and life-giving thing I’ve ever seen. That makes me feel alive, alone and silent, and connected to everything.”