Press & Fold, Hanka van de Voet (Editor-in-Chief)

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| Notes on making and doing fashion #2 Resistance
Press & Fold, Hanka van de Voet (Editor-in-Chief)


Published by Press & Fold
Printed by KOPA, Lithuania

13.5 x 24 cm, color, offset, perfect bound, softcover

Designed by Beau Bertens, Emma Singleton (assistance)

This Press & Fold issue on Resistance presents conversations, propositions and imaginations of fashion and resistance outside of fashion’s industrial context. For protest and resistance to become effective, it depends on community to generate, support and further it: with this issue we think further on these ideas of protest, activism and resistance in and around fashion, and not only in terms of clothing, and how it is portrayed in (fashion) imagery, but also in terms of how fashion is structured and organized: is fashion only able to thrive within a capitalist structure, or are there other possibilities as well? What ideas, initiatives and structures can be developed for fashion to become inclusive and generous to all participants? What needs to be resisted and what needs to be embraced? In that sense this issue of Press & Fold, as well as the previous issues, is a world-building exercise, and wants to show what we can do without, and what we need to move fashion towards becoming a generous to all participants involved?

is an independent fashion magazine that aims to explore alternative fashion forms and narratives. The magazine provides a platform for critical fashion practitioners who actively seek out the cracks and fissures in the current fashion system to propose new opportunities for making and doing fashion. | Notes on making and doing fashion is initiated by Hanka van der Voet in collaboration with Beau Bertens. The magazine is a collaborative research project that connects critical fashion practitioners from all over the world.