Kenneth FitzGerald

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Process Music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture
Kenneth FitzGerald


Published by Onomatopee
Printed by KOPA

20.9 x 13.0 cm, 336 pages, color, offset, sewn-glued bound, softcover

Designed by Kenneth FitzGerald

Process Music refers to print media and the intentions behind design activity. It is interested in visual culture, providing deeper readings and close viewings of graphic design artifacts and activity, frequently examined through the lens of music. Employing a range of narrative voices, the works combine academic rigor with the accessibility of popular forms like music journalism. FitzGerald regards himself as a critical enthusiast: knowledgeable, appreciative and irreverent.

Process Music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture is the second book collection of writings by Kenneth FitzGerald. The new book gathers over 40 pieces primarily from the past decade, with reprinted works first appearing in forums like Emigre, Eye, Print, Idea, Modes of Criticism, Design Observer, Speak Up, and Voice: AIGA Journal of Graphic Design. Others are texts of lectures and presentations, have appeared on my blog or elsewhere online, or are original to this collection. Many are unavailable or hard (and expensive) to find. The book will also feature a prelude composed by AIGA Design Medalist and Design Matters host Debbie Millman.