Elaine W. Ho and Amy Suo Wu

800 THB




Radio Slumber
Elaine W. Ho and Amy Suo Wu


Published by Residency Programme of Motel Spatie
Arnhem, Netherlands

10 x 15 cm, usb card in fabric pouch

RADIO SLUMBER is a three-part aural brew and online grimoire that casts its gaze out from a closed-door coven of potluck workshops + secret societies + spa retreats + fests of slumber (AKA …pwsssrfs…) that took place at Motel Spatie in the winter of 2020. One year later, the mixed media herbs and processes complete a slow brew of deep listening, woven together with the formats of storytelling, conversation, music and other audio experimentation ripened by diasporas fermentation. Strategically dissecting cultural theorist Rey Chow’s fascist longings in our midst. RADIO SLUMBER’s audio book of spells whispers gossip about the accidents of intersectionalism, and explore—via the foundation of friendship—other practices of care from both near and far.