Zhou Junsheng

960 THB


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Shadow Posts #1
Zhou Junsheng


Published by muluoffice
Taipei, Taiwan

18.8 x 10.2 x 0.5 cm, 48 x 37.7 x 0.4 cm with background unfolded, color, diazotype and xerography, stable bound, softcover
First edition. 50 copies.

Shadow Posts is a book made by Zhou Junsheng and published by muluoffice in 2022. The book contains blue images printed in diazotype, a photographic printing process that reacts to sunlight, which makes the images from the book fades with the passage of time. The book has a cover page, like a background, that can be opened and displayed behind the book while it unfolds. By switching the position of the images on the background and the inside pages, the book represents itself in two reversed versions, SeaintheForest and Forest in the Sea, which are both sides of the same book that together display different perspectives of the same reality. Through the intriguing story of tamatebako and wangliang, Shadow Posts invites the viewers to have a journey to the boundaries between light and shadow, presence and absence, past and future.

目彔事物 muluoffice is an artist collective and independent publisher, founded by Liu Chao-tze and Zhou Junsheng in 2021. Making books, not limited in sense of publishing; publishing, not limited in form of books.