Apisara  Hophaisarn 

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Solid Plants

Apisara  Hophaisarn 


Published by Apisara  Hophaisarn 

Bangkok, Thailand 

19 x 12 cm, 64 pages, color, digital, sewn bound, softcover 

While observing illustrations from botanical art books, you will find that there is so much detail and there are many different ways they are presented, such as zoomed-in illustrations of cutting, slicing, dissectioning separated parts of plants and how they are connected, various views of plants, scales etc.

From the wellorganized layout and design of the illustrations gave the idea to use 3D modeling for industrial program that uses the same functions to create different detailed views and parts such as reloving, patterning, sectioning, twisting and turning parts etc. It has the same concept with distinct characteristics but the outcome of 3D modeling program are not as natural looking as hand drawn illustration.