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The Funambulist #43: Diasporas

Léopold Lambert (Editor)


Published by The Funambulist
Paris, France
Printed by Alpha 

Peaugres, France

Welcome to the 43rd issue of The Funambulist, the first of the eighth year of the magazine’s existence. It approaches the diasporic question through various political aspects, from the asset they constitute in their respective national struggles, to the political imaginaries they can provide to the anti-racist Left. he issue particularly addresses the colonial formation of diasporas through enslavement, indenture (Indian diaspora in Guyana, South Africa, Mauritius, and Fiji, Chinese diaspora in Polynesia, or forced labor. Refugeehood is also central to it and questions the diasporic role in struggles at home. In some cases, the idea of a “radical diasporism” is seducing, but important to nuance. Cultural production, and more specifically music, is approached in a political manner to describe the diasporic condition. Finally, the metaphor of diasporas as constellations suggested by the cover’s artwork is brought to us by Inès di Folco.

To know more, you can read the issue’s introduction in open-access by following this link.
This issue’s News from the Fronts come from Indigenous Brazil (Glicéria Tupinambá and Túlio Rosa), Western Sahara(Inma Naïma Zanoguera), and the whole island of Ireland (Maeve O’Brien).