COM (Sejoong Kim, Joowon Han)

1,100 THB



The Last Resort

COM (Sejoong Kim, Joowon Han)


Published by Media Bus
Seoul, South Korea

18.8 x 13.2 cm, 112 pages, color, offset, perfect bound, hardcover

Designed by Shin Shin 

The Last Resort was produced for the purpose of recording the exhibition of the same name by Studio COM, which was held at Hobbyga, an exhibition space in Mangwon-dong, from April 10 to 25, 2021. Usually, exhibition catalogs are planned and produced for the purpose of documenting the exhibition, but this book is about the time of the exhibition space to connect the lines of the exhibition in which the order and use of everyday objects, the betrayal of signs and meanings, etc., are produced like a serious comedy. I tried to translate the space and time into the space-time of a book. It is obviously an exhibition catalog, but it is a photo book of an amateur photographer and a book that is close to the work notes of a certain designer.