Marvin Tang

1,700 THB




The Mountain Survey
Marvin Tang


Published by THEBOOKSHOW

24.6 x 18.5 cm, 140 pages, color, thread sewn glue bound, softcover
Edition of 200

Designed by Gwendolyn Say

The Mountain Survey is an investigation of mountainous landscapes observed at various nature reserves in Singapore. Once a vital source of granite during the building boom in the 1970s, these mountains have since ceased their function and taken on a new identity.

These “Mountains” across Singapore stand as historic testaments and witnesses in the shifts of national agenda. Charting its transformation from material resource to man-made phenomenon; redirecting its surveyor’s gaze from the urban reality to a temporary dream.

This edition of The Mountain Survey has been completely redesigned and revised to fit the artist’s intention, with the help of designer, Gwendolyn Say, as part of A Different Project hosted by THEBOOKSHOW.

Marvin Tang works with images, videos and installations to manifest his
research. Surveying the peripherals of historicity and evolving social policies, his practice examines systems of power and resistance.