Kim Sang Woo

730 THB




trailer zine vol.3
Kim Sang Woo

English / Japanese

Published by Kim Sang Woo / loneliness books (Japan)
Printed by SHINANO
Tokyo, Japan

17.5 x 13 cm, 32 pages, color, loose postcard set, softcover
Designed by Katami Yo

“trailer zine” is a series of 32-page-long postcard zines by Kim Sang Woo, an author and a photographer from Korea. This first volume was created during the coronavirus pandemic in Japan under the travel restrictions in 2020. The zine features interviews and portrait photos of various individuals of queer community in Tokyo, including drag artists, go-go boys, DJs and others who have engaged in local activism. The bilingual zine in English and Japanese debuted in April 2021, launching its first and second volume together with 23 interviews in total.