Fotobook DUMMIES Day (Liu Chao-tze, Lin Junye) 

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Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing
Fotobook DUMMIES Day (Liu Chao-tze, Lin Junye) 

English / Chinese 

Published by pon ding & Fotobook DUMMIES Day

Taipei, Taiwan 

23 x 16.8 cm, softcover 

Edition of 400 

Designed by Anthony Fook 

Books, photography and publishing have become ideas that are independent of, yet correlated to, one another. Photography has become indispensable to modern publishing in that both are the result of technological reproducibility, at once complementing and mirroing each oter. Books as objects, on the other hand, are not necessarily defined as publication, while publications, especially in an increasingly digitized era, do not always come in the form of books. In the encounter between books and photography, we can look back to that prussian blue work we now commonly consider“the first photobook” — which belonged to neither the publishing world in this time, nor the photography canon thereafter. Perhaps it it precisely this indefinable character that makes it so captivating. 

About Fotobook DUMMIES DAY Fotobook DUMMIES DAY
Fotobook DUMMIES DAY is a publication project which mainly focuses on photographic publications in a manner of“self-publising”, within the understanding the nature of the concept of “dummy”. We want to make contacts in between the makers and makers, the makers and readers, to establish a platform wherever their conversations become possible. Fotobook DUMMIES Day is currently based in Taipei.