Guy Schwegler, Helena Julian, Mathis Neuhaus (Editor)

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Guy Schwegler, Helena Julian, Mathis Neuhaus (Editor)


Published by Präsens Editionen, Motto Books
Printed by DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH

Switzerland, Germany

Designed by Dorothee Dähler and Kaj Lehmann

28.7 x 21 cm, 160 pages, color, offset, perfect bound, softcover

The 24th issue of zweikommasieben focuses on an aspect of experimental electronic music that might be rather obvious. Nevertheless, this aspect is integral to the type of discerning perspective adopted in the pages of this magazine: bringing anything to life usually is a collective effort. Our world and its culture thrives on collaboration, be it between artists or the number of people involved to get a release ready and out into the world. Given the abundance of collaborations, a deep(er) dive into their internal structures is warranted. For example, a recent EP by Phillip Jondo, which features Maxwell Sterling and DJ Plead, clearly designates these collaborations as such. However, the details of how this three-way-constellation developed into a shared practice are not as obvious. With the new issue of zweikommasieben, these details are being addressed in a conversation.

Despite being a common practice in the scene, the modus operandi of collaboration is far from clear or pre-determined. :3LON explains in an interview that they often rely on intuition in choosing how to go about working together with others instead of deliberately weighing up interests. Swiss-Congolese producer Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure goes one step further by questioning the differentiation between solo and collaborative efforts: “Everything I share as a ‘solo project’ is in fact never experienced as such,” she explains in the pages of this magazine. The things we do are as much enabled by as they facilitate the connections we share with other people. zweikommasieben #24 highlights the conditions, intricacies, and consequences of collective efforts in the featured interviews, essays, columns, and artist contributions.

List of contents:
-interviews with Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure & Bobby Kolade, Milyma, Yegorka, :3lON, Phillip Jondo, Maxwell Sterling & DJ Plead
-portrait on Nazar
-essays on Sound Archives and Rave Variants
-columns: Soundtexte (poetry), “Art Review” (art review), and Formations (photography)

-further contributions by Elbis Rever and Martina Lussi

ISBN 9783906282251